118th United States Congress

Railway Safety Act of 2023

This bipartisan bill, introduced by Ohio’s Senators Sherrod Brown and JD Vance is in direct response to the derailment in East Palestine on February 3, 2023. It includes a number of safety provisions related to the shipment of hazardous materials by rail.

OSLB Position: Support

Railroad Employer Equity and Fairness (REEF) Act:

This bill permanently exempts payments made from the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Account from sequestration. Sequestration is a process of automatic, usually across-the-board spending reductions under which budgetary resources are permanently cancelled to enforce specific budget policy goals.

Currently, this exemption ends 30 days after the termination of the COVID-19 national emergency period.

OSLB Position: Support

Rail Worker and Community Safety Act

This bill includes a wide variety of rail safety improvement language including crew size, certifications, inpsections, earned sick time, and more.

OSLB Position: Support

H.R. 5871

House Language

Freight First Act

Removes the “right of preference” enjoyed by Amtrak since its creation in 1970 as part of the Rail Passenger Service Act, allowing host railroads to run freight trains ahead of passenger trains.

OSLB Position: Oppose

H.R. 3893

House Language

American High-Speed Rail Act

To amend chapter 261 of title 49, United States Code, to provide for high-speed rail corridor development, and for other purposes.

OSLB Position: Support

H.R. 7600

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135th Ohio General Assembly

Resolution to Urge Congress pass laws re: trains carrying HAZMAT

To urge the United States Congress to pass legislation requiring railroad companies to inform local and state government officials when trains carrying potentially hazardous materials travel through their respective jurisdictions.

OSLB Position: Support

H.R. 33

House Information

Enacted March 23, 2023

Resolution to Create a National Infrastructure Bank

To urge the United States Congress to create a National Infrastructure Bank to finance urgently needed infrastructure projects.

OSLB Position: Support

Ohio Health Care Plan

To amend section 109.02 and to enact sections 3920.01, 3920.02, 3920.03, 3920.04, 3920.05, 3920.06, 3920.07, 3920.08, 3920.09, 3920.10, 3920.11, 3920.12, 3920.13, 3920.14, 3920.15, 3920.21, 3920.22, 3920.23, 3920.24, 3920.25, 3920.26, 3920.27, 3920.28, 3920.31, 3920.32, and 3920.33 of the Revised Code to establish and operate the Ohio Health Care Plan to provide universal health care coverage to all Ohio residents.

OSLB Position: Support

High Hazard Training Certification (HHTC) Act

To amend sections 121.083 and 121.084 and to enact sections 4145.01, 4145.02, 4145.03, 4145.04, 4145.05, 4145.06, 4145.07, 4145.08, 4145.09, 4145.10, 4145.11, and 4145.12 of the Revised Code to enact the Protect Ohio Workers Act regarding construction services performed under a contract at a stationary source.

OSLB Position: Of Interest


To amend section 4141.29 and to enact sections 4141.294 and 4141.295 of the Revised Code to enact the Strike Term Access to Negotiation Duration Unemployment Protection Act (STAND UP Act) regarding unemployment benefits during labor disputes.

OSLB Position: Of Interest

Stop, Look, and Listen

To amend sections 4511.62, 4511.63, 4511.64, and 4511.712 of the Revised Code to require vehicle operators to watch, listen, and stop for ontrack equipment that may be approaching a railroad crossing.

OSLB Position: Support (Sponsor)

Designate Louis P. Shuster Memorial Interchange

To enact section 5534.966 of the Revised Code to designate the interchange of I-480 and West 150th Street in Cleveland as the “Louis P. Shuster Memorial Interchange.”

OSLB Position: Support (Sponsor)

Urge Congress to amend the Railway Safety Act of 2023

To urge the United States Congress to amend the Railway Safety Act of 2023 to require rail shippers to secure all rail cars carrying solid waste to prevent littering and to create a study committee to analyze the benefits of securing rail cars carrying solid waste.

OSLB Position: Support

S.R. 196

Senate Information

Enacted February 28, 2024

Adopt the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact

To enact sections 4981.36 and 4981.361 of the Revised Code to adopt the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact.

OSLB Position: Support