Policy Priorities for Ohio

While not attached to any specific legislation, the following issues are priorities of Ohio’s Legislative Board and guide our policy decisions and advocacy across the state.

Rail Safety

Our top priority will always be the safety of our membership and the general public. We work with state and federal agencies to ensure that sensible regulations on rail transporation are implemented and enforced.

Passenger Rail Expansion

Our Board is in full support of any expansion of passenger rail service in and through Ohio. We are advocating for routes being considered as part of the Federal Railroad Administrations Corridor ID Program, including:

  • Cleveland – Columbus – Dayton – Cincinnati (3C&D) sponsored by the State of Ohio
  • Cleveland – Toledo – Detroit sponsored by the State of Ohio
  • Cleveland – Youngstown – Pittsburgh sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA)
  • Cleveland – Toledo – Chicago sponsored by NOACA
  • Cleveland – Erie – Buffalo sponsored by NOACA
  • Pittsburgh – Columbus – Ft. Wayne – Chicago sponsored by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Authority (MORPC) and Ft. Wayne

Additionally, our Board is advocating for the following additional routes:

  • Columbus – Toledo – Detroit
  • Columbus – Pittsburgh – Washington, D.C.

We support any measures that will bolster and improve existing service through Ohio, including the Capital Limited, Lakeshore Limited, and the Cardinal. We support collaboration with other states, either directly or through the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission and similar entities to grow interstate passenger rail options.

Growing Frieght Rail